Choosing the perfect carpet for your home

Choosing the perfect carpet for your home


Choosing the right carpet is something anyone must consider whenever your carpet needs replacing. There are many factors involved which may determine if that style or construction of carpet is right for you. We will discuss what different types of carpet are for which involves what level of traffic they are best suited for, the level of durability they have, and how easy and often they need to be cleaned.


Nylon - This is the standard material of carpet. It attempts to combine the best of all different types of carpet together in order to create the most popular carpet in use today. There are many benefits to nylon carpeting. Not only does it have excellent strength and does a good job of holding up good over years of high traffic use, it maintains this at a good price to all, versus wool which tends to be the most expensive. Included in it's durability portfolio, it is abrasion resistant and static resistant. It responds well to cleaning and is inexpensive to manufacture, which makes it a popular choice to a lot of different people in the carpet market. It's one notable con is that it has more of a tendency than others to bleach and fade overtime.


Olefin - Olefin is the second most commonly used material for carpet today. It has a lot of things that it does well, but because of how it is made it does some things not so well. Some of the main reasons why someone would use olefin as the choice material for carpet is that it is resistant to many things like moisture and chemicals. It's colors also tend to stay vibrant for a long period of time. This, while being inexpensive and generally a durable material has made it a popular choice for those buying carpet. It does however burn particularly well, unlike wool. This is also one of the materials that is particularly needy when it comes to cleaning it.


Acrylic - This is one of the less commonly used materials in carpet today. However it's versaitility makes it appealing to some. It can be blended to imatate natural fibers like wool carpeting very easily, and is the same reason why it is the material largely used to produce cheaper faux-fur on winter coats. Acrylic carpet is strong and light, but more importantly it has a tendency to be very easy to clean. This material also is one of the easier materials which you can use for carpeting with good stain resistant properties.


Wool - This type of carpet is particularly expensive, but each style of carpet brings it's own unique characteristics which should be considered and wool carpets strive to deliver here. The durability of wool carpets is high, and with a good maintenance schedule they should last a long time. They need to be maintained often due to their tendency to pick up and retain dust, and dirt, but they are capable of hiding dirt very well. They also have a tendence to stain easy as well, so you should avoid spilling things on them to keep them nice looking for a very long time. Where it has flaws, it most certainly picks up for though with it's strengths. This is found in the facts that it is easy to clean, as wool is a natural fiber, and this means that it has the ability to expand when it is wet, and contract when it is dry. This will make it much easier when cleaning because when the wool is wet it will naturally release the dirt it has picked up over time. Another strength of wool is that it is inflammable, because it is a natural fiber, which means that it has a high amount of nitrogen and water in it. This makes it harder to burn, and will need a huge amount of oxygen in order to burn, but if it ever does it will produce less toxic gas and smoke than it's synthetic fiber counterparts.