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Marengo Illinois

Marengo is city of approximately 8,000 people located in McHenry County. It's home to the Marengo-Union Times which has a circulation of 6,3000 and is mailed to every home and business in the greater Marengo and Union area. If you live here, it's no surprise that the winters can be especially hard. Snow, ice and blustery winds are commonplace. Consequently, some salt and ice melt probably sneaks itself inside your home which can severely damage or even ruin sections of your flooring over enough time. If you're currently considering whether to replace any of your carpeting, tile, hardwood or laminate, please call us now. We can help. We have tons of experience in both commercial and residential properties.

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Winters here in northern Illinois can be rough. Snow, ice, and blustery winds are common during the winter season. Your family likely tracks in a lot of salt and ice melt into the home. This can severely damage or even ruin certain spots of your flooring over time, especially if you have carpeting or hardwood flooring installed. If the time has come for replacement for your Blue Island area home, then call Universal Carpet, Inc. today. We have many years of experience doing work in the area in both residential and commercial properties. We are a trusted name and we are the provider of many different flooring materials, including: carpeting, tile, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, area rugs, and more.