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Flooring in Northlake, IL

Flooring in Northlake ILNorthlake, IL is a city of approximately 12,000 people located in the suburbs of Chicago. If you reside here, you need to be sure that you are doing everything that you can to take care of your family's home so that it continues to look fabulous for many years down the road. You have ensure that your windows are clean, your gutters are free from clogs with leaves and twigs, and you have to keep up with mowing the lawn during the spring and summer months. These are all things that you already know that you have to do, but how much time do you spend thinking about your home's flooring? Most people tend to ignore what they are walking on until it has a problem or starts to show its age from years and years of wear and tear.

If the time has come to think about replacing your flooring, come to Universal Carpet, Inc. We have many years of experience working in your area, and we are looking forward to helping you! We can provide you with installation services for: carpeting, tile, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, area rugs, and more. We have been serving the flooring needs of both residential and commercial property owners in the area for many years and we are looking forward to working with you next.

Our flooring installers are professionals

Installing new flooring is work that is better left to the professionals. We know what we are doing. We work fast and efficiently, and we can save you the aggravation of having to rip out your old flooring materials on your own. We will carefully measure the area(s) of your home where you want the new flooring installed, and we will be able to give you an accurate cost and time estimate for the project during your consultation. On the day of your installation, we will show up on time for your appointment and ready to get to work. We will be sure that we do not track any dirt or debris into your family's home and we will be mindful of all your belongings. We will be sure to clean up the work area, as well, when we are finished with the installation project.

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