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Hardwood Flooring Brands

We offer hardwood flooring materials from the following brands.



Somerset is a privately-owned company that has over two decades of experience doing business in the hardwood flooring industry. They are true experts when it comes to designing and manufacturing beautiful wooden flooring solutions for homes and businesses alike. They have skilled employees who understand the company's goals and missions to provide customers with gorgeous and sustainable hardwood flooring options. They have since expanded their operations in Somerset, Burnside, and Munfordville, Kentucky.

Columbia Flooring Originals®


Columbia is dedicated to making the customer happy. The hardwood flooring they produce can easily be installed by professionals, such as those at Universal Carpet. Their products have a special SuperiorShield™ Surface Technology that creates a surface that will last the life of the floor's finish. It also helps to maintain the floor's glossy appearance.

Mercier Wood Flooring®


Mercier's mission is to satisfy clients by designing the right products based on their needs. They believe in being honest, striving for transparency and integrity. They started out in 1980 and have since grown into a recognized industry leader for hardwood flooring materials. They have a vertically integrated hardwood sawmill that was completed in 2001 which offers 100% of the raw materials used by the manufacturing facility. That way, they know that only true quality materials are being used at all times.



UrbanFloor boasts years of experience designing and manufacturing stylish, high-quality hardwood flooring materials for home and business owners. They constantly strive to "do better," better for customers, their company, and for their employees. They make use of state-of-the-art equipment and materials to make sure that all customers receive the very best hardwood flooring in their buildings.



Nova is a direct importer of some of the finest quality hardwood flooring materials on the market today. They specialize in offering wood products from South America and Asia. Their wooden materials can be used for interior flooring, exterior decking, rough lumber, and other industrial products. They have a signature brand of prefinished hardwood flooring which includes exotic, handscraped, and classic hardwood materials.



Shaw started out in 1946 as the Star Dye Company - a company which produced area rugs that were dyed tufted scatter style. Since then, they have grown into the world's leading provider of carpets, and other types of flooring materials, including hardwood flooring. They have created their own trucking subsidiary to dramatically improve shipment times around the country. They have a wide variety of hardwood flooring styles and finishes available.

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