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While many companies in the industry of hardwood flooring merely provide the products, our company takes a step forward in being a more convenient floor company. We offer full contracting services in Carol Stream, IL for complete removal, replacement, and installation services. This gives homeowners a one-stop shop for all their remodeling needs, keeping everything under one roof. This allows you, the customer, to have trust and faith in our business with warranties from the manufacturers of floor panels and from our services at the same time.

Certified Flooring Specialists

The best case scenario is finding a flooring company that has the years of experience you require for a great installation. At Universal Carpet Inc we have been in business since 2003 providing quality services for our customers. Homeowners have rated us A+ in the BBB which is a long established achievement for our company. We are certified in all forms of home construction within the floor contracting trade.

Different Types of Hardwood

Wood flooring opens a lot of doors with different materials and grain textures for homeowners to choose from. With a variety of hardwood trees in the world we have selected only the best with varying options of colors, thickness, and their own unique properties. Each has a specific benetit, some similar to others, that will give you everything you could want in a wood floor.

The different types we carry include:

  • American Black Cherry - 950
  • American Black Walnut - 1010
  • Yellow Birch - 1260
  • Red Oak - 1290
  • White Ash - 1320
  • White Oak - 1360
  • Hard Maple - 1450
  • Santos Mahogany - 2200
  • Brazilian Cherry - 2345
  • Brazilian Teak - 3540
  • Brazilian Walnut - 3680
  • Ebony - 3692

Benefits of Hardwood

Hardwood is resilient to just about every kind of wear and tear. Scratches are possible, however the most contraversal aspect is being walked upon throughout daily life. Over time pressure and time can be the major cause of floor deterioration, causing creaks and noises that aggrevate and annoy any homeowner. With real wood floors you remove the threat of these occurances by having durability on your side. Hardwood by nature and it's thickness outlasts laminate when it comes to the normal household traffic.

Piecing It All Together

With such a large selection of product choices, excellent services, great benefits, and trusted certifications, hardwood flooring by Universal Carpet Inc is a great option for your family and your home. You get everything you need in one shop, guaranteed. Contact us today for more information or visit our local store for some assistance in your new project undertaking.