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Here at Universal Carpet Inc we believe in two factors for hardwood flooring: trust and quality. As you invest into new floor panels made from 100% natural and real wood you're sure to find a company that knows the trade. Our business has been serving the Wheaton, IL are for years under all building codes and regulations, certified by Angies List from our positive customer reviews and feedback.

If you're homeowner looking for a company you can trust, contact our experts. We give each client personalized expertise, packages, and free consulations with no obligations. Our desire is to assist you in finding the right fit for your home.

Benefits of Hardwood

Historically, hardwood has ben the maintstream since people could build homes. The introduction to laminate became and alternate, less costly option later on. However, hardwood still has many benefits.

Visual Aesthetics

While laminate does provide great finishes nothing can compare to the natural appeal of real wood. It's vibrance is unmatched to due the real grains and textures that cannot be manufactured or immitated. This makes it a great option for those looking for more of the visual aspects of modern flooring.

Increased Property Value

It's no surprise that any type of new flooring is of great benefit to your home, hardwood in particular is even better. The overall expense of hardwood and it's installation gives increased property value. This is why it's considered a long term investment. Natural wood last longer by nature which gives homeowners a chance to renovate and keep your home alive for generations.

Durability and Acoustics

Some of the lesser but still important benefits are it's durability. While still subject to scratches, durability is consisted of the amount of weight and pressure your floor will experience over time. Also, hardwood's natural materials create less vibrations which reduces acoustics within your home- a certain inconvenience that is nulled.

Our Selected Brands Of Choice

Narrowed down to six brands, we have opted to only carry these major providers due to their efficiency on all levels of premium hardwood flooring expectations.


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If you wish to learn more about our specific products visit our local store. You can preview all of our models and get hands-on assistance from knowledgable staff members. You can also contact us via phone or online contact form. Here at Universal Carpet Inc we're here to make your home better with quality flooring.