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The Top Hardwood / Wood Resurfacing / Refinishing Elgin

Elgin is a city located in the northern region of the state of Illinois. With the population well above one hundred thousand, it is known as the eighth-largest city in Illinois.

Being a suburban city, Elgin has been the choice of many residents who wish to live in a peaceful community with all the daily life necessities at hand. Since it is located near Chicago and is situated alongside the Fox River, the city continues to attract more people each day.

Universal Carpets has been serving the residents of Elgin since quite a long time. Not only does it have countless satisfied customers, business is growing in Elgin every day due to the growing population and development.

If you have purchased a new house or have an existing house in Elgin and want to refinish the floors, Universal Carpets will provide you with the best possible services. Not only will the charges be reasonable, the services will also be speedy and you will not have to face any hassle.

Why choose Floor Refinishing?

You have probably heard of people opting for refinishing their home floors instead of replacing the floors entirely. Refinishing will not only be less costly as the floor’s surface will be refinished, you can also completely change the look of your floor without having to pull it all up and start from scratch.

What is the Process of Floor Refinishing?

As compared to floor replacing, floor refinishing is quite a speedy process and can be completed within a week. Usually, it is done in four steps which are listed below:

  • Removing the old surface finishing without cutting into the hardwood.
  • Sanding down the floors to bare wood if they are damaged by water or are stained.
  • Staining the hardwood if you want your floors to achieve a whole new look to match a new theme.
  • Refinishing the top coat. In this case, you have many material options to choose from. The three most commonly used top-finish materials are Polyurethane, Oil-based finish and Water-based finish.

How much will Refinishing Cost?

Refinishing costs vary from project to project as they depend on a number of factors which are as follows:

  • The refinishing material that is used.
  • The total floor area that is to be refinished.
  • The cost of re-staining the floors.

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