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The Best Hardwood Floor / Wood Floor Refinishing / Resurfacing Experts in St. Charles

St. Charles is a city and a suburb of Chicago's Kane County, with a population of nearly 33,000 according to the latest census.

Universal Carpets has been providing the resident of St. Charles with the best floor installment and renovation services for a very long time. Having made several loyal customers, its business in St-Charles is expanding as it is attracting more clients every day.

What is Floor Refinishing?

Floor refinishing is the choice of many people these days who want to make their floors look like new while remaining in a budget as well. Refinishing refers to the application of a fresh finishing to the floors after the removal of previous worn out finishing and damaged wood parts.

Why choose Floor Refinishing?

While choosing the right floor renovation option, it is often very hard to pick one which is both affordable and also gives the best results. Floor refinishing is one of those options as it is cost effective because of its comparatively simple process and also yields fine results.

What is the process of Floor Refinishing?

While choosing any floor renovation option, it is good to first do some research about the process. The floor refinishing process consists of four basic steps which are listed below for your ease:

  • The first step consists of screening of the floors to remove the worn out finishing from the floor boards.
  • The second step consists of sanding down the floors to remove any damaged wood parts.
  • The third step consists of coloring or staining of the floors if the customer wants them to be a new color.
  • The fourth step involves applying a fresh surface coat of the chosen finishing material like Polyurethane, Oil-based finishes and Water-based finishes.

How much will Floor Refinishing cost?

The floor refinishing costs vary from house to house. However, the factors on which they depend upon are more or less the same:

  • The total floor area that the customer wants to refinish
  • The refinishing material the customer chooses
  • The existing condition of the floors and the amount of work that would need to be done on them

If you are looking for a reliable floor renovation services for your house in the city of St.Charles, contact Universal Carpets for the experience of a lifetime.