Four Reasons to Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile

You may never have even heard of Luxury Vinyl Tile. In fact, it probably sounds like an oxymoron, right? I mean “What’s so luxurious about vinyl?” That’s what many people think at first. But if you look into it at your local flooring showroom, you may well realize the many benefits of this flooring option.

Here are the top four reasons to choose luxury vinyl tile for your home or office.

Durability – For homes with teens, toddlers, or pets, vinyl tiles are ideal flooring options. Vinyl will last a long time. It stands up to wear and tear. And with families who have a concern about spills and moisture, they can relax because vinyl tile flooring is almost indestructible.

On trend now – With the upscale, farmhouse look of many homes and floors, this flooring option is a hit with many people! The rustic yet contemporary looks that are prevalent in vinyl flooring options are great if you are considering a renovation in your home. There are so many options to choose from that you will most certainly find a color and style that highlight the beauty of your home.

Longevity – Luxury Vinyl Tiles are excellent options for many bathrooms as well as kitchens. They hold up to spills and moisture that can occur. Again, for homes with pets and children, this option will keep your home looking well for many years to come. You can’t necessarily say that for all flooring options when it comes to high-traffic or high-spill areas.

Easy care instructions – Simple care instructions are in place for all luxury vinyl tiles. We suggest the reading information on our website if you wish to learn more:

Remember to always choose a flooring company that is reputable. Universal Carpet has been in business for over 30 years. We can answer your questions and are happy to show you the options that will work well in your home. Be sure to contact us today!