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Engineered hardwood vs. solid hardwood

When searching for the perfect hardwood floors for your home, you’ll likely come upon the age-old question: engineered hardwood flooring or solid hardwood flooring? The answer will depend upon a variety of information, as well as your preferences and requirements specific to your own home.

To get a clearer idea of what that will mean for you, we’re going to go over a few specific differences between these two materials. However, it’s important to know, right away, that both floors fall under the hardwood flooring category. One is likely to be better for you than the other, however, and that’s why it’s important to know the differences.

Do you need engineered hardwood or solid hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood flooring is simply pieces of solid hardwood, top to bottom. These floors are extremely durable, very stable, and offer a lifespan that can easily reach 100 years or more, with proper care and maintenance. They add great value to your home and can be refinished several times before requiring replacement.

However, solid hardwood can never be installed in areas such as basements, as they do not fare well in this environment. Humidity, dampness, and temperature changes can cause the materials to quickly become so damaged, they are no longer usable. They must also be acclimated to your specific environment to assure the same humidity between your home and the product.

Engineered hardwood flooring is topped with a veneer of real wood, in the species of your choice. It’s an excellent alternative to solid wood because it doesn’t react in the same way to environmental changes. Since the veneer is attached to a layer of plywood and topped with a protective wear layer, you’ll get great protection in every area.

Engineered wood can also be refinished, but the number of times this is possible depends on the thickness of the veneer itself. Thicker veneers mean more opportunities to buff out damage as well as better protection.
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