Carpet FAQ's

Listed below are some commonly asked questions about carpeting that we receive at Universal Carpet.

How often should I vacuum?

You will need to vacuum the carpet at least two times a week, and this is especially important in high foot traffic areas, such as near entryways and on stairs.

Will my carpet grow mold if I get it steamed?

When you have your carpet steam cleaned, it will need to be dried within 12 hours. However, professionals using hot water extraction techniques should have your carpet dry fairly quickly so that you should not need to worry about mold growth.

How can I get rid of carpet stains?

Be sure to clean up spills immediately when they happen. Use a spoon or dull knife and scrape gently at the carpet's fibers. Wet spills can be absorbed with blotting white paper towel or cloth towels on them.

Is it important to have new padding beneath my new carpet?

Yes! Carpet cushioning plays an important role in preserving the look and feel of your carpet. Investing in a good carpet pad prevents your carpet from matting and crushing underfoot. It also offers its own level of soil and stain protection. A good carpet cushion also provides ventilation between the carpet and the floor, making vacuuming easier, and more efficient.

What tips do you have for maintaining the longevity of my new carpet?

Another important and often overlooked way of keeping your carpet in top condition is in the placement of heavy furniture. Heavy furniture can compress, or crush the carpet pile, and leave noticeable indentations that won’t be discovered until you redecorate or move. It’s a good idea to rearrange your furniture periodically.

Is professional cleaning really important with my new carpet?

Unfortunately, time and traffic will take its toll on your carpet. To protect your investment, cleaning by a reputable, professional cleaner is suggested approximately once a year. Call on their knowledge, equipment and experience to do a more thorough job of removing stubborn stains and embedded soil. But only use the pros when necessary as too much commercial cleaning may cause your carpet to lose its built-in protection and potentially damage it.

What do I do if I drop or spill on my new carpet?

Treat spills or spots as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more the stain will soak into the fibers. Immediately blot up as much of the liquid or debris as possible with a dry cloth or paper towel. Don’t rub or scrub the area with a rag, this damages the fibers and may create a permanent scar.

Use warm, not hot, water to rinse the stained area completely. Hot water can set the stain and make it difficult if not impossible to remove. Press clean cloths deeply into the carpet to take up moisture until the stain no longer appears on the cloth. If a stain remover is needed, blot up excess moisture before applying, work gently and do not over apply the stain remover.

Next, thoroughly rinse the area with warm water, and then absorb the excess dampness with a clean cloth. After your carpet has dried, vacuum to restore its texture and appearance.

What are the most common brands of carpet in the industry?

Universal Carpet supplies the most common brands in the marketplace. Some of the long time trusted names in the carpet industry include Shaw, Mohawk, and Tuftex. Read more about each one of these brands and more in the Carpet Brands section of our website.