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It sounds like a cliché idea, but the importance of residential flooring service cannot be understated. When you plan to purchase new flooring materials for your home, the services that go along with that purchase can mean the success or failure of the overall project.

That’s why we’d like to help by providing services that truly matter. With a complete dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, we make sure all of our customers are taken care of, from the time they step through our doors until their floors are installed to their satisfaction. And today, we’d like to add you to that list of satisfied customers.

Residential flooring services you can trust

As you browse our extensive line of materials, our associates will be standing by to help with any questions and to make sure you pick materials that aptly match your requirements and preferences for flooring. This is especially important for homeowners whose residential flooring often takes a beating every day.

Once you've picked the perfect product, we'll discuss your design options, take precise measurements of the areas you need to be floored, and offer an estimate that includes a price and the amount of time the project will take. We'll also discuss anything you need to do before the installation of your flooring and what we might need during the process.

We know that some homeowners prefer to try projects like flooring installation as a DIY project, but we always recommend professional services if at all possible. These residential flooring options allow you the peace of mind in knowing that everything will turn out exactly as it’s supposed to.

What’s more, many manufacturers are stipulating mandatory professional installs of their products to assure that their warranty is not voided. Since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, be sure to speak with us about all our services.
Residential Services in South Elgin, IL area from Universal Carpet Inc.

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Not only do we offer more than 33 years of experience in the flooring industry, Universal Carpet Inc. also provides the very best services for your residential flooring. We take pride in our products and our services and based on our reviews on Angie’s List and the BBB (Better Business Bureau), our customers do too.

If you are in or around the areas of Fox Valley, or the Western Suburbs outside Chicago, IL, feel free to give us a call or visit our showroom in Elgin, Illinois. We’ll get everything started for your upcoming project, so visit us today.