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Flooring installation you can trust

As a busy home or business owner, you likely don't have time to do flooring installation work on your own. Not only that, but you also likely don't have the tools (or patience!) needed to do the job properly. Here at Universal Carpet, we have a dedicated team of trained, knowledgeable, and seasoned professionals who will be able to take care of all the installation work for you when it comes to getting your new floors installed. The same crew will take care of the set up from beginning to end so that you have the comfort of knowing that the same team of professionals will be in your home or business at all times, should you have any questions or concerns.

We can provide installation services for the following:

  • Carpeting
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate flooring
  • Luxury vinyl
  • Area rugs
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Other specialty flooring


Our team has installed numerous carpets in homes and businesses all over the area. That's to be expected after over 20 years in the business! When setting up your new carpet, we will tear out the old materials and install new carpet tack strips a slight distance apart from the wall. The edge of the new padding will be kept inside of the strips. If carpeted tiles are being used, we will be sure that they are all going in the same direction. When installing from a roll, we will be sure that if there are any seams, they are properly disguised and hidden so that your family, employees, or customers don't notice them. Measuring and cutting mistakes are common for people who try to install carpet on their own, but we make sure that we are accurate and precise when making measurements and doing any cutting so that we can quickly get the new flooring installed in your location.


Traditional hardwood flooring can last for over 100 years with proper care, so getting a new floor installed properly today can help to save you a lot of time, hassle, and money in the future since you won't need to worry about getting new flooring for awhile. This is a very meticulous job that requires expert carpentry skills. Before installation, it will be necessary for us to come out and take measurements of the room(s) that will be worked with. This helps to ensure that enough materials are ordered for the job. Prior to installing the actual hardwood materials, a subfloor will also need to be installed to protect the wooden materials from beneath.

Laminate flooring

This laminate material is typically made from dense, pressed wood or particle board. There are some options available that even have a textured surface. This kind of flooring often comes in rolls, and our team of experts will know where to make cuts and where to seal the flooring so that there are not any noticeable seams or areas in the pattern that are "off." Following installation, we will also be sure to put everything back in place, and this includes baseboards or anything else that had to be removed prior to installation.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Often times, this is the flooring material of choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It is composed of a polyvinyl chloride material, and it can be sold in sheets or tiles. There is some misconception that vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are the same thing, but they aren't. Vinyl is made from synthetic materials whereas linoleum is made from organic materials. It takes the help of a professional to get your new vinyl materials installed properly. We will be sure that we accurately make measurements and cuts so that the flooring project can be finished quickly.
Installation Services in South Elgin, IL area from Universal Carpet Inc.

Bamboo flooring

There are special installation procedures that must be followed when working with this material. It is an environmentally-friendly flooring option and is incredibly durable. Installation is somewhat similar to the processes used for hardwood flooring installation, but there are some special procedures that need to take place to ensure that this bamboo looks great and continues to look great a week, a year, or a decade after installation.

Area rugs

We have a wide variety of area rugs, in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns available for your home or business. We can deliver the rug to your property and set it in place where it belongs. This may involve moving furniture out of the way, such as couches, desks, or tables.