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Flooring store services and flooring installation you can trust

When it comes to your brand-new flooring project, the most important aspects are the services and installation you’ll receive to bring everything together beautifully. Of course, finding the perfect material is very important. But once that’s done, you are still only halfway to having the floors you want in place in your home.

That’s why our approach is not only to provide the very best products and materials, but also the best customer service and flooring installation available. We want to tell you more about what you can expect when you’re ready to get your project underway.

Here are the services and installation basics you need to know

As a family-owned flooring store, we take great pride in offering services, including installation, that help make us your go-to friend in the business that every homeowner deserves. Shopping for flooring should never be a burden and receiving an excellent flooring installation should be a part of the overall project, every time.

For materials such as carpet, and solid hardwood, professional installation is extremely important. The experience our installers have in working with these materials will certainly show when your flooring is finished. And you won’t have to worry about many of the problems that often come with an inexperienced installation, such as seam separation, warping, or cracking.

Measurements are also very important in the perfect installation of your flooring materials. Without them, there’s no way to tell exactly how much material is needed. Our measurements are completely free, as a part of our service to you. This not only ensures a perfect installation but also that you'll never pay for more flooring that is installed in your home.
Flooring Services Info in South Elgin, IL area from Universal Carpet Inc.

Let’s get started on your flooring installation

Universal Carpet Inc. has more than 33 years of experience and we’d like to put that to work in your home. No matter which floor covering you choose, we’ll provide an estimate, complete with measurements of your areas, at absolutely no cost to you. We’ll even tell you about how long it will take.

From our showroom in Elgin, Illinois, we service the areas of Fox Valley and the Western Suburbs outside Chicago, IL. If you have a business or residence in these areas, we’ll be glad to assist you. Just stop in to speak with a professional associate about your project at your convenience.