Flooring Trends

With many of us tucked away at home this year, and even more starting to settle in for a few cold winter months ahead, you may be looking to update your home with the latest flooring trends available today.

Here are some things to know about the latest trends in flooring.

Flooring trends don’t change nearly as quickly at fashion trends so there’s no need to be concerned that what you choose today will be outdated tomorrow. But over time, typical wear and tear on floors, new color choices, furniture trends, and your own family situation may prompt you to seek out new flooring for your home.

Laminte flooring, vinyl plank floors and hardwood colors will mainly be in the natural tones of wood, excluding the warm tones. So cool tones in wood do remain strong in the year ahead. If you haven’t updated your floors in several years, it’s probably time to see what flooring options we have that will fit your family’s needs best. We have many options and numerous vendors from which to choose for your ideal floor.

You, like many people, may be trending toward the desire for lower maintenance flooring options. We have busy lives, busy schedules, busy families, and many other concerns in our lives today. The last thing we want to spend a lot of time on is maintaining our floors, so effortlessness is key! This has actually been a long-standing trend. But it is of even more significance now more than ever. You will definitely find numerous low-maintenance and durable flooring options trending these days. And if you have children or pets, you’ll definitely want to look at these options for your home.

Another big trend nowadays is a greater awareness and desire for ethics behind their homes. Universal Carpet Inc. offers many eco-friendly options for those who care about how and where things are made. Sustainable flooring is something we have carried in our showroom for many years. We will walk you through the bamboo or cork options as well as other ecologically friendly, recycled or American-made flooring options.

Don’t hesitate to contact us soon for your updated flooring needs!