Four Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

You’ve just had your new carpet installed and love it! Now, you ask, how do you keep it clean?

Well, the best way is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. This suggests that for your main walking areas, such as entrances, hallways, and walkways, be sure to use rugs and mats where you can. You may be surprised at how quickly high traffic areas can get worn. So, this first tip is key. Also, get in the habit of taking off shoes at the front door. Dirty shoes and boots are a major factor in dirty or stained carpet.

Regular vacuuming maintenance is going to do your carpet a world of good. In addition to keeping dirt away from the base of the carpet pile, it will freshen the carpet. Using a rotating brush on your carpets helps loosen dirt particles on tightly woven carpets. But for shag and frize carpets, it is best to use a suction-only vacuum, so as not to pull at the fabric.

Another suggestion is to be very careful with spills in your home. As soon as a liquid hits the carpet, be sure to rinse it well with water only and a rag to blot the stained area. If there is moisture that is soaked in, use layers of paper towels to blot the area and apply pressure to be certain that the liquid is soaked up well.

Finally, you may wish to hire a reputable steam cleaner when you notice some dirty areas, or when you know you know you have had spills or pet stains that have soiled the carpet. Steam cleaning on a regular basis will help with keeping your carpets looking good for years to come.

We hope these helpful tips are useful to you as you enjoy new carpet in your home.