Helpful Tips for Choosing Bedroom Carpet

Helpful Tips for Choosing Bedroom Carpet

Your bedroom is probably your sanctuary, so, it’s important that the aesthetic and feel of that floor be comfortable, reflect your personal style, and be practical and straightforward for you to maintain as well. When you are looking to update or change your bedroom, consider these tips while you make a selection.

An ideal bedroom carpet will absorb sound, insulate your room and reflect a comfortable ambiance. It should also keep your feet warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months.

To determine the best style of carpet for your room, consider the needs you will have. Typically, a master suite or adult bedroom can use any material or pattern. Bedrooms that are not prone to stains can confidently have light-colored carpets and solid colors without fear of staining. Essentially as long as you are certain that children and pets won’t make messes in this bedroom, any type of carpet can work for your needs.

We recommend higher quality materials for a carpet that will last and retain its plushness for many years to come. Feel free to splurge on luxury here because the carpet in a low-traffic room will last longer and will experience less trauma.

Children’s bedrooms will more than likely need a carpet that is more durable for traffic patterns and stain-resistant. A wise choice here would be nylon or polyester. And choosing darker colors in a child’s room is also wise in order to hide spills or other messes.

Some of the vendors we recommend for excellent carpet options include Dixie Home for nylon and Dreamweaver for solution-dyed polyester. These brands offer high-quality carpets that stand the test of time and improve your home’s look. For bedrooms, the softness, durability, and versatile options they offer are unmatched.

Once you start exploring your options, be sure to connect with us at Universal Carpet Inc. We have over 30 years in the business in Chicagoland. And we have many satisfied customers. Our team of experts can help you navigate this decision for your home and budget.