How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

You have added new carpet to your home, and you are satisfied with how it looks and feels. Now, you may be wondering how often you need to clean your carpet to protect your investment and ensure it continues to look good for years to come.

The frequency with which you clean the carpet has everything to do with how fast the dirt and allergens accumulate on it. The best way to determine this is to take into consideration things like traffic patterns, activity level, ventilation and children and pet usage on your newly carpeted floors.

High traffic areas are most likely going to accumulate gravel, mud, and other debris on the surface and into the ply. The more people that use those areas, the sooner the dirt and dinginess will start to show. Certainly, a regular habit of vacuuming will help to some degree. But there also needs to be professional carpet cleaning at regular intervals. It is well worth the additional expense and time to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. The pro will get the job done quickly and their knowledge and capabilities will offer you a worry-free cleaning experience that you can enjoy with same day service.

Areas used by many people on a regular, frequent basis, such as daily in businesses, offices, stairs, or main living areas will probably get dirtier quicker than other areas. But to ensure that the carpeting throughout remains uniform in shading, it is wise to have all areas cleaned at once. Other areas that are less commonly used or of minimal importance due to low visibility may be cleaned annually or as needed.

In terms of ventilation, you may have a heating/cooling system or ventilation that may have collected dust for years, which is likely to produce more dust and allergens over all your carpeted areas. After time, this can become very noticeable. So, making an update to your heating/cooling system is important, of course. But here again a professional cleaning annually is often suggested by experts in the flooring industry.

Playtime for children and pets often means carpets are used or abused. Playtime may involve use of clay, ink, glitter, glue, markers, crayons, food crumbs, saliva or other leakage on and in your carpet. Pets also shed their fur or potentially bring in bugs that get into your carpet pile. Often times, outdoor elements, like, sand, dirt, and mud, end up indoors and on your carpet. This use and abuse of your carpet is a natural occurrence. However, you will want to bring in a professional cleaner even more frequently when children and pets are in the picture. It is suggested that you do so every few months on an ongoing basis.

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