The Best Flooring for a Pet-friendly Home

If you have a furry friend in your home, you need floors that resist stains and scratches from your beloved pets. So it’s important to choose a floor that works best for your home needs. Here are some options that are available to you.


If choosing a wood floor is desirable to you, you should select a properly sealed wood floor. This will ensure that it is long lasting and resists damages and stains that have the potential to occur with any pets. And if you are moving into a home that already has wooden floors, you might wish to consider refinishing and resealing your wood floors to keep them protected.


Tile floors make spills or stains easy to wipe away. But oftentimes the grout needs to have special care as well. We suggest sealing the grout to make it easier to maintain with your pet. And tile comes in many styles and colors, making this an appealing option in many areas of your home.


Your pet may love to recline on a carpeted floor. And while carpet in your home is desirable in many rooms, it makes for a challenging flooring option for pets. Stains and liquids can be very difficult to remove from carpeting and may require professional cleaning. Additionally, the fabric is prone to collecting dander, fur, and dust particles, which may inflame your allergies. Instead, other options may be more ideal for the cleanest pet-friendly home.

Vinyl Laminate

Laminate floors look like wood but are far easier to maintain for your furry friend. Furthermore, vinyl flooring is less expensive than wood. You may wish to apply a damage resistant sealant to your floor for optimal functionality. And laminate floors come in many different looks and textures, so you can get a wood, stone or concrete look without the care required by those options.

Consider these options for your family as you try to accommodate a pet-friendly environment in your home. And give us a call today to discover the ideal flooring option for you!