Three Things to Consider When Choosing New Carpet

Three Things to Consider When Choosing New Carpet

Buying carpet for your home can be an overwhelming task. Where should you start? What are your options? How much will this cost? Let's break down a few key things for you to consider when shopping for new carpeting for your home or office.

While any shade of grey or beige is a very popular choice and can make a room look spacious, bolder colors make a statement, and when chosen carefully, can provide the perfect complement for your furniture and draperies. Many homeowners today are choosing environmental colors, like blues, deep greens, and stone-shaded neutrals to set just the right tone for their homes.

Cut pile is still one of the most popular types of carpet. It achieves its durability through the type of fiber that is used, the density of tufts, and the amount of twist in the yarn. The highly twisted yarn holds its shape longer, which can make it a wise choice for high-traffic areas in your home or office.

Today’s carpet offers a wide variety of choices and styles that we didn’t have in the past. Newer technology produces multilevel loop and cut-loop patterns allowing diamond, bow, pin dot, or fleur-de-lis designs that tend to create a more sculptured effect.

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