Three Tips for Fixing Carpet Dents

Have you ever moved your furniture and realized you now have a dent where your sofa used to be? So now what?

Here are a few ideas to help fix the effects of carpet dents.

First, you might wish to consider mitigating the problem by moving your heavy furniture often enough to prevent this issue from occurring in the first place. If you can avoid this from occurring, you are that much better off. Understandably this can be challenging, but realize it doesn’t necessarily have to mean you completely redecorate your entire room or home. Rather, you can move heavy furniture a few inches every couple of months. Carpeting can bounce back if it is not dented for long periods of time.

Another idea is to spread the heaviest furniture over a larger area of carpet. You can use furniture disks under the feet of your larger pieces of furniture. By doing so, the weight of the furniture is spread over a larger area, thereby making the damage less severe in a smaller area. This is mainly useful for large pieces of furniture, such as a buffet, bed, or sofa.

A third idea that can be useful when trying to fix dents in your carpet is to apply heat to the dented spot by ironing a damp towel over the area and using a spoon or other dull utensil to straighten out the dented fibers. You may also use a slightly wet towel and place it over the dent. Then use a hot blow dryer over that. The heat that can form during this process may help loosen the fibers and straighten them out. You’ll want to be careful not to put the iron directly on your carpet fibers. That will certainly cause damage. And do not brush out fibers. Instead, use of a spoon as suggested is a better idea.

And remember, you have the opportunity to have your carpets professionally cleaned once in a while. During this process, the carpet dents generally improve.

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