Why is wide plank flooring trendy?

Why is wide plank flooring trendy?

Wide plank flooring has become very popular and has a great deal of appeal in today’s flooring trends. Why, you may ask? In today’s article, we offer a few key reasons why this look has become very desirable in the flooring market.

The most prominent visual advantage that wide plank flooring can provide you is making the room look bigger. If this is your desired outcome and reason for implementing wide plank floors, you need to think about this carefully. Although a huge benefit of wide plank flooring is that it can make space appear visually bigger, it can potentially have the opposite effect if not done correctly. For instance, if you have too wide of a plank width, such as 7 or 8 inches, it can be considered too wide for a typical room size. But a width of 6 to 7 inches can be perfect for most floors.

Wide plank floors offer unique flooring designs. There are many unique, non-traditional designs of wide plank floors. You may choose from dark to light, soft or simple colors to brighten a room. These varieties are popular in many homes nowadays.

But just because modern styles are light, it doesn’t mean that dark and chic styles don’t suit wide plank flooring. Many businesses choose dark, wide plank flooring within the hospitality industry to offer a cozy and appealing look.

Many folks consider engineered wide plank floors a much more durable option. This is due in part to the core construction. Engineered flooring typically comes with either a solid or engineered plywood core. This allows the plank to move (as all wood flooring naturally does) significantly less than say, solid wood. Meaning throughout the seasonal changes, you will have less trouble managing floor gaps due to temperature and moisture differences.

Wide plank flooring, in general, is trendy in that it adds value to a property. This is now considered a modern design, and that’s what current home buyers are trying to purchase. It’s a great option to live with now and sell later.

As you can see, there are some good reasons why the wide plank is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is undoubtedly here to stay to offer a unique and prominent look.

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