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Carpeting in Geneva, IL

Geneva is a city of approximately 22,000 people located on the western fringe of the Chicago suburbs. Very recently, it was nominated as the best place to raise a child in Illinois. If you live here and your residence has carpeting or if you are contemplating having some installed, please contact us. We can help. We're Universal Carpet, Inc. With over twenty years of experience in this industry, we've installed a vast variety of patterns, styles, and colors in both residential and commercial settings. We offer both large rolls and tiles. Rolls are an attractive option for some people because you can choose from very fluffy and soft to styles that are more flat or firm.

Spending budget? We have you covered!

We know that a lot of homeowners wonder what this kind of renovation costs. Luckily, we have options for multiple types of spending budgets.

Our team of experts have placed countless carpets in homes and businesses. When we schedule a new installation, we strive to work around our client's busy schedules because we understand the hardship many clients face taking time off from work. Our staff is trusted for its professionalism and attention to detail, including the placement and cutting of the carpet and padding. When installing tiles, we make sure that they are facing in the same direction and with rolls, all of the seams are properly hidden and disguised so that they can't be seen by your friends or family.