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Carpeting in West Chicago IL

West Chicago is a city of approximately 27,000 people located in DuPage County. It's home to Kline Creek Farm, an 1890s living history farm. Winters here in northern Illinois can be rough. Snow, ice, and blustery winds are common during the winter season. Your family likely tracks in a lot of salt and ice melt into the home. This can severely damage or even ruin certain spots of your carpet. If it's time to replace your carpeting, call us. We can help. We're Universal Carpet, Inc. Our staff has installed a wide assortment of styles, colors and patterns in residential and commercial locations, so we know first hand what works and what doesn't. Our tiles normally take less time to install because worn out sections can be easily replaced. Homeowners love our rolls because they have choices between very fluffy and soft to more firm and flat. Plus, rolls help to soundproof rooms and add a layer of insulation, which helps to save real money on your energy bill.

Budget restraints? We have options to match every spending budget!

We know that homeowners are curious about the expense of this type of renovation. Fortunately, we have customized options to match every spending budget!

We've successfully installed hundreds of carpets over the years. We realize that homeowners sometimes have difficulties taking time off from their jobs, so we do our best to work around their schedule. Our team of installers is well known for their expertise, which includes the cutting and placement of the carpet and padding. With tiles, they ensure that they're all facing the correct direction, and with rolls, all of the seams are disguised so that they won't be noticed by co-workers, family or friends.