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Cork flooring from Universal Carpet Inc.

At Universal Carpet, we have over 32 years of experience working in the residential and commercial flooring industry. Over the years, we have seen a trend of property owners wanting to be more eco-conscious and aware of their carbon footprint. To help improve the environment, many flooring manufacturers have begun using more environmentally-friendly materials, such as cork board and bamboo. These materials are made from renewable resources found in nature. A renewable resource is something found in nature that is able to grow again after it has been harvested.

Cork board flooring

Cork board materials come from the bark of trimmed cork oak trees. The harvesting of the cork does not hurt the tree. In fact, many of these trees live for up to 200 years, with harvesting taking place every 9 or so years. Cork flooring isn't really a new concept. In fact, this flooring has been used in the U.S. since the start of the century. It is a preferred flooring material due to its sound insulating qualities. This means that it can prevent noises from traveling to other rooms or levels of the home or business. At first, it was used in libraries and churches, but now it can be installed in homes and is a fairly popular material.

Cork flooring is available in many different styles and colors, providing you with a huge range of design possibilities. It can also come in a variety of unique shapes, including squares, rectangles, and even hexagons. Many homes and commercial property owners are choosing to go with this flooring material because it also has thermal insulating qualities. It acts as an insulator between floors, trapping heat and preventing it from escaping out of the building. This can help the property owner to save a lot of money from month to month on energy bills. Additionally, the floor has a cushioning effect when it's walked on. It is easy on the feet, legs, and joints.
When you have cork board flooring installed, it can provide you with a naturally beautiful look in any room. Maintenance is fairly simple and is mostly common sense. Whenever something spills onto the floor, be sure that you wipe it up immediately to prevent staining. You should also vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to prevent dirt, dust, or debris from building up or scratching the surface. Never use a soggy mop to clean the floor since the moisture can actually damage the materials. It is suggested that you only use the recommended cleaners provided to you at installation time when cleaning the floors. Mild wood floor detergents can also be used to prevent the accumulation of grime on the surface. Doormats and pads should be placed at entrances to your home to prevent dirt from the outside environment getting inside and scratching the floor. It is also a good idea to place mats below the sink to prevent drops of moisture from your hands damaging the floor's surface.

Cork care and maintenance

If you are looking for ways to go "green" and do your part to help preserve the environment, then you should consider our green flooring solutions. At Universal Carpet, our eco-friendly flooring will help your home or business to reduce its carbon footprint and beautify your location all at the same time. With such gorgeous and "green" materials on your floor, you need to know how to properly care for them so that the material lasts for many years to come in your building.
Eco-friendly cork flooring in Elgin, IL from Universal Carpet Inc.
The following are things that you SHOULD NOT do when caring for cork board flooring:

  • Never allow moisture or any types of liquids to lie for extended periods of time on the floor - it will eventually cause staining
  • Never wet mop your floor
  • Never clean the floor with chemicals or water
  • Never use abrasive soaps, oils, waxes, or ammonia-based cleaners on the floor
  • Never use mats with rubber backings since it could trap moisture between the mat itself and the flooring

Below is a list of things you should be doing once a week, twice a year, and every 5-7 years to care for your floor.
Use a damp mop with a tiny amount of diluted vinegar to wipe down the surface of the floor.
Twice a Year
Give the floor a good scrub down using a small amount of Murphy Oil Soap which can be purchased at your local hardware store.
Every 5-7 Years
Get the floor properly re-furbished by a professional who will use a polyurethane material to finish the surface. This is necessary in homes with pets, or in locations that have a lot of foot traffic.
For more information about maintaining your "green" floor, please feel free to give us a call today.