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Bloomingdale, IL hardwood flooring contractor

Here at Universal Carpet Inc we are certified hardwood flooring contractors as well as a product & shopping store serving Bloomingdale, IL area. While some companies merely sell flooring merchandise we take a step further to provide a complete experience for homeowners without any third-party involvements. This comes from knowing who to trust with your remodeling and renovation project that will be installed for years to come. This is why we urge all of our customers to check out our reviews to see what people say about our company for quality assurance.

A floor company that cares

As a family-owned and operated business we are a company that truly cares about it's clients and their project undertaking. Without high-pressure sales and upselling, our job is to find which hardwood floor works best for budget, efficiency, design, and increased property value. It's a very difficult balance that we strive to make easier for our customers. We walk you through each step in narrowing down possible choices into groups, keeping each unique product's benefits into consideration.

Much like buying a home, replacing hardwood flooring is a measure of its' own that takes careful consideration and planning. Here at Universal Carpet Inc. we are here to help you find only the best.

Benefits of hardwood

Now you may thinking or debating between hardwood and laminate due to costs. As a prime example of a company who does not wish to upsell, we do urge homeowners to view the benefits of hardwood despite it's slightly higher price.

In just about every scenario real wood is king. Nothing can beat the natural appeal, reliability, and stability when properly installed. For centuries this was the only method of flooring and for very good reasons. Not only is the material sturdy, it can be cut and molded to create virtually any design or style. Aside from visual aesthetics, it also reduces acoustics when fitted correctly during installation.

Engineering to perfection

There are thousands of brands in the flooring industry making it difficult for some to find the best options. Brands define quality in any of the home improvement trades- especially ones that encompass every day living. Floors, for example, are walked upon every day making it an essential part of your home.

That being said, having the correct brands that establish a good amount of positive feedback is important. Our company carries only the finest manufacturers in the market from the list of highest rated brands; each balancing cost, quality, and efficiency ratios for the benefit of the homeowner, and engineered to perfection. You can check out our showcase at our local store to view samples of each unique product we carry.

100% real wood flooring

When you want real wood our company delivers. All of our hardwood is 100% real wood made from a variety of different trees depending on the color/texture you choose. Below is a list of the different types we carry.
  • American Black Cherry - 950
  • American Black Walnut - 1010
  • Yellow Birch - 1260
  • Red Oak - 1290
  • White Ash - 1320
  • White Oak - 1360
  • Hard Maple - 1450
  • Santos Mahogany - 2200
  • Brazilian Cherry - 2345
  • Brazilian Teak - 3540
  • Brazilian Walnut - 3680
  • Ebony - 3692

Each varies in 'hardness' or density for differences in strength and durability. Aside from basic properties and aspects these different wood typings are unique by color and grain texture.

More information

While we could go on and on about hardwood flooring we would prefer to speak with you in person. Personalized consultations that discuss project goals, budget, and specific design you're looking for is what we do best. It helps narrow down your buying choices and boosts confidence in your direction. Contact us today for more information or visit our showroom.