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Hardwood floor installation experts in Burlington, IL

Finding an expert on hardwood flooring can often be overwhelming. Making sure a contractor knows the ins and outs of wood, floors, and proper installation is key to a successful project. Here at Universal Carpet Inc we have 14 years of experience as a certified floor specialist, A+ rated by the BBB. We have various testimonials from satisfied customers throughout Illinois with positive ratings. Serving the Burlington, IL area we bring premium products and services to your door-step as a one-stop shop for complete replacement.

Knowing your materials

There are many types of materials in the industry and knowing the right ones is the difference between satisfaction and disappointment. Our employees are all experienced in design- knowing trends and materials, while combining a balance of color with each component or appliance in your household. They are also trained in product knowledge- knowing the benefits and variables that define each hardwood designed by different manufacturers.

We can fully assist in narrowing down choices that make sense and are best utilized for your needs.

We carry many types of materials from various trees across the country and other countries. Some of these include red oak, white ash, Brazilian walnut, yellow birch, hard maple, and more! Full product details can be obtained by contacting us or visiting our in-store showroom.

Warranties on all products & services

The products we carry individually have their own unique warranty by manufacturer. This is not the most comforting assurance for customers, therefore we also have our own company warranty on services provided for all of our customers. We offer a full year warranty for satisfaction of our installation. Though we have had zero complaints over the years, it's a benefit to our customers to assure our desire for properly fitted and replaced hardwood flooring.

Hardwood: The best choice for flooring

Simply put, hardwood is the best option for quality flooring. Our professional opinion is that laminate or other alternatives have the benefit of cutting costs. However, nothing can beat a true, real wood material. Natural strength, durability, and color go hand in hand. It also has an odd tendency to reduce acoustics much better than other flooring.

By far the hardest step in replacing your flooring is narrowing down all of your options. Here at Universal Carpet Inc we have friendly staff available during regular store hours that can assist in our free consultations. We discuss all the details of your propose project and find the best fit for you, not ourselves. Contact us today at any time to learn more about any of our products or services.