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Universal Carpet Inc: Your hardwood flooring specialists in Campton Hills, IL

Hardwood flooring is more of an art than a profession. It requires a sense of detail and carpentry all at once. Our company provides exactly that and more with our experts. At Universal Carpet Inc we specialize in all forms of floor installation throughout the Illinois area, including Campton Hills, IL. This includes the many types of wood in the industry with various colors.

Brands and manufacturers

There are literally hundreds of brands and manufacturers for hardwood flooring panels. While many offer different products we pay special attention to the ones that give a great cost:value ratio. Narrowed down to a few select choices, we carry only the highest rated products- not to be confused to higher costs. Some of these brands include Somerset®, UrbanFloor®, and Mercier Wood Flooring® to name a few. With our full in-store showcase you can view just about any product we carry.

Quality you can trust

Established in 2003 our company continues to serve and provide homeowners with reasonable pricing, installations, and quality products. You can trust in our dedication and devotion to the trade with years of experience. A+ rated in the Better Business Bureau and 5-star reviews throughout the Illinois area we are your one-stop shop for professional hardwood flooring.

Why hardwood flooring?

Hardwood is the best choice when it comes to flooring. It's natural solid material makes for a sturdy baseboard in any home. With advancements in technology, wood creates functionality as much as visual aesthetics. With naturally less acoustics you can effectively create a soundproof environment where annoyances such as vibrating foot-steps or conversations won't penetrate as easily as laminate.

All this and the simple fact of generating a very profitable value increase to your home and property. While beautiful, hardwood has other great qualities that make it a more productive investment.

There are hundreds of products we carry and a lot of information on many of our selected merchandise. If you would like to know more stop on by our in-store showcase or contact us. We have friendly staff available via phone and at our local office that can go over all the details. We also provide free estimate on products and services for installation.