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Hardwood floor services in Carpentersville, IL

If you need hardwood floor services in Carpentersville, IL, turn to the professionals here at Universal Carpet Inc.- your number one provider in the Illinois area. With our reputation and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, we continue to impress and assist homeowners with our quality hardwood flooring. Not only are our products efficient but our installations as well.

It takes a credible company backed by positive customer reviews to become a trusted name in reliable flooring services. Here at UCI we believe in customer care and professionalism.

Quality installations

Flooring at times can be an art that requires absolute precision. Our company, and our years of experience, gives accurate installations that fit each board seamlessly. With our team we continue to take extra precautions during each measurement to remove the possibility of gaps or spacing in between panels. Our workers have become efficient and effective at what they do and make each flooring project look modern and professional.

What about products?

Our products go hand in hand with our services. As products are only as good as the installer, our installers are only as good as our products. That's why we have had years to develop and distinguish which brands to use. Filtering out only the best manufacturers in the industry we have finalized a list of brands that have an excellent balance between quality and cost.

Hardwood materials and tree types

There are thousands of wood types in the market from various trees all over the world. However we confine to a select few that, just like our products, are filtered by a balance of cost and quality. Some with higher value than others but for the most part stay inline within the average family's budget constraints. We feel you will be pleased with our products and can be viewed on display at our showcase.

Such hardwoods we carry include yellow birch, red oak, white ash, all of the Brazilian hardwoods, and more. Each are unique in style, grain, and texture, along with their natural colors.

Get a free estimate at any time

There are no restrictions on our pricing and consultations. Universal Carpet Inc is here to help you with all of your flooring needs. That's why we offer free estimates either in-store, or via phone or contact form. We prefer consultations to help homeowners through each step, narrowing down your wide range of selections to a few choices that fit project goals, budget, and increased property value. Contact us today at any time for more information.