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Hoffman Estates, IL hardwood flooring that works

Hardwood flooring requires a certain precision and delicacy. While beautiful, it's type of product that must be handled with precision and professional installations by a certifiable company. With our services you get everything you need in one shop. Thousands of products, versatile packages, and excellent customer care are aspects we specialize in. In business since 2003 we continue to impress local homeowners of Hoffman Estates, IL with designer finishes on their new flooring.

What about patterns?

There are a variety of types of hardwood- but most importantly this flooring comes in different patterns. Along with grain, texture, and color, you can choose a very unique style for your home. Patterns are a way to take another step into designing your home versus getting the standard. With our experts you can get all the information you need for undertaking this project with expected budget costs and limitations.

Getting the most out of your hardwood

There are times when basic hardwood simply won't meet the desired appeal you're looking for. With so many brands in the industry it's hard to find reliable manufacturers that create and design reliable floor panels. That's why here at Universal Carpet Inc we've done the research for you and filtered out the best brands in the industry.

We choose major brands that factor in two things: quality and cost. While choosing the most expensive flooring may oftentimes be considered as having the best, we specialize in finding the right balance between both aspects. Our products are of the highest quality while still maintain a certain budget efficiency for homeowners.

Free consultations

It's becoming increasingly difficult to assist homeowners in the home improvement business through online presence. With so many products available in our arsenal, and each with their own unique properties, it's hard to pinpoint which one will be the best fit. Our experts in-store are also designers with experience in suggesting certain products that will create the professional appeal you're looking for.

When you contact us or visit our showroom we offer free consultations for your benefit. This is where we discuss your project needs, budget, and special requests to take into consideration so that we can narrow down your selection. Contact us today for more information!