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Hardwood floor refinishing experts serving Batavia, Illinois

Batavia is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1833 making it the oldest city in Kane County. Residences in the area range in age from older to newer style homes. If you are renovating your home within a budget, hardwood floor refinishing fixes your existing floors while saving you money. Universal Carpet, Inc. is well known in the Chicagoland area as your go-to flooring expert.

Why refinish your existing wood floors?

Hardwood refinishing basically prolongs the life of your flooring while giving it a newer feeling and look. For anyone who is avoiding the cost or hassle of installing new flooring, this is the perfect option. Your existing floors are sanded down to remove any imperfections or scratches that appeared over time. Then we add a new protective coating based on your floor type and the amount of usage.

Another major factor that decides if refinishing is a good option, is the quality of the flooring that is already in place. If the older flooring was of cheaper quality, is too thin, or is severely damaged then you may have to consider floor replacement. The floor has to be sturdy and of good quality for the flooring expert to be able to work on it.

Our job at Universal Carpets is to fulfill all your flooring expectations. If you are looking for a reliable floor refinishing service provider and want to avoid any extra hassle or over-priced services, opt for Universal Carpets to give your Batavia home a whole new look.