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At Universal Carpet Inc we are floor tiling providers for both the products and the installation services in Burlington, IL. Our company thrives on making each step easier for our customers with all in-house merchandise and floor replacement. This comes with benefits much like any one-stop shop company that utilizes warranties as a gesture of trust. Simply put, we believe in our quality services. Therefore we offer a full one year warranty on any installment of our flooring.

This doesn't include each product with it's own manufacturers warranty. Our craftsmanship and professionalism will satisfy your needs with scheduled projects meeting deadlines on time, guaranteed.

Floor Tile Products and Brands

Finding products for your new project starts with finding the right brands. Luckily at Universal Carpet Inc we've done the research for you with years of experience using many products. Over te years we have selected the five best brands that we trust for quality purposes and benefitting our clients.

Our Selected Brands

Below is a list of brands we carry. Our personal favorite is Marazzi as they carry multitudes of designs amongst many material types.

  • FloridaTile® - With a variety of series this tile flooring company got its start back in 1954. Though smaller in selection, they manufacture excellent products that we carry.
  • Marazzi® - A more modern brand with modern technology. This company is 30 years old with emphasis on the latest trends.
  • Eleganza® - This brand specializes in categorization with different products for different areas of your home. Types of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are separate and unique.
  • Daltile® - Vastly known as a major distributor of tiles. Their products have an excellent balance of cost and efficiency where one aspect does not exceed the other. Variety of selections to choose from.
  • VirginiaTile® - A very elegant driven brand we carry that specializes on the latest designer tiles with very unique patterns. Almost every material available in different colors or textures.

These select five give our arsenal everything you need to find the best buyers choice.

The Different Materials We Use

Amongst our brands there are many materials to choose from. Everything from stone, ceramic, to vinyl are some of the top selling (and durable) tiles in the market. Each of these cover different sub-types under their selected categories.

Types of Stone

Stone tiles include basalt, granite, marble, and other strong materials that will last a lifetime. Not only are they durable, but beautiful as well. Each has a premium finish and natural gloss that increases home value by a large margin.

Types of Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are also durable in their own way. However, their main benefit is the visual aesthetics. Whether your looking for rustic with a terra cota, or elegance with a porcelain, ceramic tiles are an excellent replacement floor.

Types of Vinyl

Vinyl tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. The general purpose of vinyl is to immitate other more expensive tiles such as stone, ceramic, glass, or hardwood, without breaking budget. They are also more flexible where many unique designs are often only achievable by this material.

Professional Installations By Universal Carpet Inc

Products are not the only important aspects for replacement tile flooring. It's even more important to have professional installations by a certified company. Universal Carpet Inc has many references and positive ratings from places like Better Business Bureau (A+ rated) and Angies List (with our 2015 Super Service Award). It's our attention to detail and experience in flooring as well as grouting that make us a great choice. Don't take our word for it, check out our customer reviews.

Contact us today for more information on our products nd services, or to receive a free consultation with our experts.