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Hardwood floor refinishing experts in Burlington

Burlington is a small village located in Kane County, Illinois with a population of approximately 700 according to the latest census. Many claim that the name of this town was decided after playing with the name of an English town named Bridlington. A small suburban town, most homes located in Burlington are bigger family-size homes. With more people living in your home, the more foot traffic there is on your hardwood flooring which will slowly scratch and wear it down over time.

Universal Carpet serves most of the western Chicago suburban area. For over 23 years, we have provided refinishing services throughout Burlington helping homeowners save money and time.

Reasons why hardwood refinishing is a good alternative to replacing your floors.

  • Your existing floor may still be in good shape overall and thick enough to be refinished. Refinishing your wood floor removes the existing protective top coating along with any scratches and uneven wear. A new top coat will be applied to the surface, protecting your floors for years to come.
  • Resurfacing or refinishing your hard wood floor is a great alternative from a cost perspective. Resurfacing costs much less than having your existing floor ripped out and new flooring installed. Universal Carpet will inspect your flooring and reccomend the best solution while staying within your budget.

The refinishing process

There are two different methods used when refinishing your floors:

A complete refinishing requires sanding down the top coat to the bare wood before a new protective coating is applied.

If your flooring has small scratches or the finish is just dull or worn screening and recoating is the best option for you. Screening removes the top layer of the finish without touching the wood.

Resurfacing your existing floor makes it look brand new at a much lower cost and in less time than replacing the floor. If you are looking for reliable floor refinishing service providers and want to avoid any extra hassle or over-priced services, opt for Universal Carpets to give your Burlington home a whole new look.