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Quality hardwood floor refinishing expert in Carpentersville

A beautiful village in Kane County, Illinois, Carpentersville has scenic riverfront walkways, a wide range of parks and memorials.

Universal Carpets has been an experienced contractor for over 23 years, serving Carpentersville and the surrounding area. We offer a selection of flooring options including carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring. For some homeowners, their existing wood floors may simply need to be refinished to make them look newer and remove any scratches or scuffs.

Professional hardwood floor refinishing

Depending on the condition of your floor, there are two refinishing options available. If your hardwood floor looks dull, worn down, or has small scratches, the top layer of the finish can be removed in a process called screening. After screening, the remaining topcoat is buffed out making the floor shine like new. If your floor has major wear stains or deep scratches, we will need to do a complete wood floor refinish. In this process, the topcoat is sanded down to the bare wood and then a new protective topcoat is applied.

What is the cost of refinishing a hardwood floor?

The cost of refinishing is different with every project. Several factors determine the price including the size of the room, type of wood installed, and thickness of the wood floors.

When you work with Universal Carpet, you will be hiring an expert who will walk you through the process and work within your budget. Depending on the condition of your floors, the area to be refinished, time, material and the labor work needed, our experts will quote the right price for you.

Add that shine back on your floor by contacting Universal Carpet today!