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The top hardwood/wood resurfacing/refinishing Elburn

Elburn is a village in Kane Country located in the state of Illinois. With the local population being a little above five thousand, the village is referred to as a Far-West suburb.

Universal Carpets has been serving numerous clients in the village of Elburn. Not only has it been immensely successful in gaining the complete trust and confidence of many satisfied customers who were looking for floor refinishing, business in Elburn is rapidly expanding, reaching out to hundreds of potential clients who are looking for an expert yet cost-effective way to renovate their floors.

Why opt for refinishing the floors of your Elburn home?

If you are looking for a way to renovate or change the overall look of the floors of your house, you will have multiple options at hand, out of which the best would be refinishing your floors. This would cost you a lot less than other floor renovation options as the floors will not have to be completely changed or stripped. Along with that, you would still be able to choose from a variety of top coat options if you want to change the look of the floors to match with a new theme.

What is the process of floor refinishing?

Floor refinishing is done according to the condition of your floors. If your floors are much damaged, you will have to opt for a complete wooden floor refinishing which would involve stripping down the floor completely to bare wood and refinishing it from scratch. The other type of refinishing is referred to as topcoat refinishing which is done on floors that are not highly damaged and only need a minor refinishing. It involves stripping and refinishing only the topmost layer of the wooden floor.

The refinishing process is done in four steps, First of all, the floor is screened which refers to removing the floor’s previous finishing. Next, the floor would be sanded down if the basic wood layer is damaged. The third step involves staining or re-coloring the wood if you want different floor colors. The final step involves redoing the finishing and coating of the wood with the finishing material of your choice i.e. water-based finish, oil-based finish or polyurethane.

What is the total cost?

The total expenditure of refinishing the floors depends on a number of factors that include the finishing material used, amounts of finishes and coats needed and the total area that is to be refinished.

Thus, if you are looking for reliable floor refinishing services providers and want to avoid any extra hassle or over-priced services, opt for Universal Carpets to give your Elburn home a whole new look.