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The top hardwood/wood resurfacing/refinishing Geneva

Geneva is a city situated in the state of Illinois. It is a beautiful city located on western fringe of the Chicago suburbs. According to the last census, the population is above thirteen thousand people and is attracting more residents due to its beautiful location and facilities.

Universal Carpets has been providing excellent floor refinishing services to the residents of Geneva and has been successful in gaining the trust of many satisfied customers. The affordable refinishing rates, excellent services, and variety of refinishing options are the main reason why Universal Carpets is the first choice of many when it comes to renovating floors in Geneva.

Why choose floor refinishing?

Many people these days are choosing to refinish their home floors instead of completely pulling them up and laying down new floors all over again. There are multiple reasons behind this wise choice. Refinishing is, first of all, less costly than replacing the floors as it only involves removing the damaged surface coat and re-finishing it to give the floors a whole new look. Along with that, if you want your floors to be a whole new color without wanting to start from scratch, the refinishing procedure also involves hardwood staining services so that your floors can achieve a whole new color and look to match a new theme.

What is the process of floor refinishing?

Floor refinishing depends more or less on just removing the upper damaged finishing of wooden floors and refinishing them to make them look like new. Normally, the process of floor finishing can be divided into four basic steps.

The first step involves screening the floor. In this step, the previous damaged or worn out part is removed from the floor to expose the basic wood planks.

The second step involves sanding of the floors. In this step, the floors are stripped down to bare hardwood. Normally, this is done only in those cases in which the floor is water damaged or badly stained.

The third step involves staining the floor. In this step, the hardwood is re-colored or stained. This step is done only when you want a completely different colored floor or want to hide some really bad floor stains.

The forth step involves the final re-finishing touch. In this step, a coat of finishing material is applied to the floors. You can choose from a variety of materials including Polyurethane, oil-based finished and water-based finishes.

How much will floor refinishing cost?

Refinishing coats depend on multiple factors which include the following:
  • The material which is used to refinish
  • The total area of the floor
  • The quality or condition of your existing floors

If you have any questions about floor refinishing, or would like to setup an appointment, please give us a call, or contact us online. We look forward to refinishing your floors and bringing them back to pristine condition!