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The top hardwood/wood resurfacing/refinishing Hoffman Estates

Located in Illinois, Hoffman Estates is a village well known for being a rapidly developing area. With its population being above fifty thousand residents, Hoffman Estates is emerging as an important commercial hub.

Universal Carpets has been serving the residents of Hoffman Estates for a very long time and has been able to gain the trust of numerous loyal customers.

What is floor refinishing?

Floor refinishing is the process in which floors are repaired without having to completely replace them. In this process, what is basically done is that the surface finishing is removed and a fresh coat of finishing material is applied. This not only improves the look of the floors, it also covers any damage that might have been done to the floors by water, damp air or stains.

Why choose floor refinishing?

When it comes to choosing between floor replacing and floor refinishing, refinishing is always a safer and cost-effective method. In floor replacing, the floorboards have to be completely ripped off and new boards have to be laid down from scratch. On the other hand, Floor refinishing helps your floor achieve a whole new look but just removing the worn out surface finishing and coated it with a fresh one.

What is the process of floor refinishing?

Floor refinishing is quite a speedy and simple process that consists of a total of four steps.

The four steps involved in floor refinishing are listed as follows:
  • Screening the floor which involves removing the top finishing layer of the existing floors and is done with sandpaper balls.
  • Sanding the floors to remove worn out or damaged wood to expose the bare, undamaged wood planks.
  • Staining the floorboards if a different colored floor is wanted by the customer.
  • Applying a fresh top finishing coat on the floor. You will have a number of topcoat finishing options which would all have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, water-based finishes are more eco-friendly and dry quickly while oil-based finishes are more durable and long lasting.

How much will floor refinishing cost?

Floor refinishing is a guaranteed cost-effective procedure although the costs vary from project to project and from house to house. The cost of floor refinishing would depend upon:
  • Existing condition of the floors.
  • The finishing material the customer opts for.
  • The total area of the floors.

Thus, if you want a hassle-free floor refinishing to be done in your Hoffman Estates house, contact Universal Carpets to provide you with unmatchable services.