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The top hardwood/wood resurfacing/refinishing Roselle

Located in the state of Illinois, Roselle is a village which serves as a bedroom community for those who have jobs in the nearby Chicago city. With the population of more than twenty-two thousand local residents, the city is considered a suburb of Chicago and is considered as a part of the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Universal Carpets has been providing floor refinishing services to the populace of Roselle and has successfully gained the trust of many who have acquired its services in the past.

Why choose floor refinishing?

If your house floors are not that old and in a good condition but just a little worn out, floor refinishing would be the ideal option for you to make your floors look like new without wasting anything. This is because floor refinishing procedure involves the removal of only the surface finishing and damaged areas and substituting them with a fresh coat of finishing.

What is the process of floor refinishing?

The process of floor refinishing is more or less the same for all projects. The main steps involved in the process are listed below:
  • First of all, the old layer of finishing is removed with the help of sandpaper balls. At times, this is the only step needed before the application of a fresh coat of finishing if the floors are in a very good condition and the inner wood not damaged.
  • If the wood panels are damaged, then the damaged part is sanded down with the help of sandpaper to remove it and expose the bare wood.
  • If floors of an entirely different color are required, then the floor planks are stained.
  • The final coat is applied after the wood has dried and settled. You will have a number of options to choose from when it comes to the finishing material. You can choose water-based finishes that dry off quickly and are more eco-friendly. Or you can opt for oil-based finishes which are more durable and last for a longer period.

How much will floor refinishing cost?

Refinishing costs depend on many factors which include those which are listed below:
  • The material that is used to refinish the floors
  • The total area of the floor which is to refinished
  • The existing condition of the floors

If you are looking for dependable floor refinishing services, contact the Roselle branch of Universal Carpets for our services or simply get in touch with us online!