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The top hardwood/wood resurfacing/refinishing Schaumburg

Situated in the state of Illinois, Schaumburg is a village which is well known for being a part of the Golden Corridor. With its population well above seventy-for thousand residents, it is emerging as a rapidly developing suburb.

Universal Carpets Schaumburg branch has been operating for quite a long time and has been successful in acquiring many satisfied and loyal customers who have acquired its services.

What is floor refinishing?

Floor refinishing is increasingly becoming the choice of many people who are looking for ways to renovate their home floors without spending hefty amounts of money. Floor refinishing involves removal of the existing surface finishing as well as any damaged wood parts to apply a fresh coat of finishing to make the floors look as good as new.

Why choose floor refinishing?

Floor refinishing is a more affordable and speedier procedure when compared to floor replacement. This is because it only involves the removal of the worn out surface layer that is damaged and replacing it with a fresh one without having to remove the floor completely and starting from scratch.

What is the process of floor refinishing?

The process of floor refinishing is rather simple and can be completed within a short number of four simple steps.

The four main steps are listed below:
  • The worn-out finishing surface layer is removed with the help of sandpaper balls.
  • The wood which is damaged by water or stains is removed by sanding it down to bare wood.
  • The wood is then stained with a new color if a different colored floor is required.
  • A fresh coat of finishing is applied to the floors. The finishing options available to you would include Polyurethane, Oil-based finishes and Water-based finishes. You will have to choose one which best fits your requirements as each finish has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How much will floor refinishing cost?

It is important to know that floor refinishing costs vary from house to house. Each project has its own cost considering the factors on which the price depends upon. These factors are listed below:
  • The total square feet area of the floors that is to be sanded down and refinished.
  • The amount and quality of the finishing material which is choose to coat the floors.
  • The existing condition of the floors which would decide the amount of work needed on the floors.

If you are looking for quick and reliable floor refinishing services, contact the Schaumburg Branch of Universal Carpets or simply get in touch with us online!