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The best hardwood/wood resurfacing/refinishing Wheaton

Located in Illinois, Wheaton is a suburban city situated alongside Lake Michigan. With its population being above fifty thousand residents, Wheaton has attracted many because of its unmatchable location and accessibility options.

Universal Carpets’ Wheaton branch has been operating for a very long time and in this period it has gathered the trust of many customers who are completely satisfied with its work.

What is flooring refinishing?

You have probably heard about floor refinishing from those around you as an affordable floor renovation option. Floor refinishing is a process during which the floors are made to look as good as new by the removing the damaged finishing layer off the floors and applying a new one. This hides all stains, damaged areas and makes the floors gleam like they are new.

Why choose floor refinishing?

Now when it comes to choosing between floor refinishing and floor replacing, many people are confused due to lack of information about the advantages of floor refinishing. And thus, end up making the wrong choice and choose floor replacing.

Floor refinishing is always a better option because of the following advantages:
  • Less costly
  • Repairs and hides all damaged floor boards like floor replacing
  • Can be completed within a week
  • Floor color can also be changed

What is the process of floor refinishing?

Floor refinishing, as compared to floor replacing is rather a shorter and simpler process. The main steps involved in floor refinishing are listed below:
  • The floor boards are screened with sandpaper balls to remove the old finishing.
  • The floors are then sanded down to bare wood to remove any wooden parts that have been damaged by the environment.
  • If the customer wants the floors be a new color, the floors are stained using a new colored paint.
  • A new finishing coat is finally applied to floor boards after the paint dries. The finishing options available to you include Polyurethane, oil-based finishes and water-based finishes.

How much will floor refinishing cost?

When it comes to floor refinishing the process of the project vary from house to house because the factors it depends upon change as well. Those factors are listed below:
  • The total floor area that is to be refinished
  • The finishing material that is used for the refinishing
  • The condition of the floors

Thus, if you want a hassle free floor refinishing to be done in your Wheaton house, contact Universal Carpets to provide you with incomparable services.